Demonstration: Creating Auction Ads
PixMatrix can be used to create professional online auction pages:
Choose a PixMatrix template, customize it for your online business, then save it on your computer.  You can make this the default template by pressing the down arrow next to the home button and selecting SET HOME PAGE.

Upload your auction ad to your web space then go to the USE PAGE step and press .  When the auction window appears, press COPY HTML FOR PASTING INTO AUCTION DESCRIPTION to place your ad on the clipboard.


Go to the auction web site, create an auction listing, and while your cursor is in the description field of the listing page, press 'ctrl' and 'v' on your keyboard to paste the ad.

To select a picture for a gallery image, choose the picture you want to feature in the PixMatrix auction window then press COPY IMAGE URL.

Go to your auction listing, drag-select the contents of the gallery image field and, using 'ctrl' and 'v' on your keyboard, paste your image URL into the field.  (You drag-select the contents of this field prior to pasting to ensure you erase the current contents of the field.)


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