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Hello All,

I have received many requests for a version of PixMatrix without advertising. While I prefer to give PixMatrix away with advertising, I do understand that there is a need for a version without advertising. I am making PixMatrix 1.5 available for purchase for 30 dollars US. PixMatrix 1.5 differs from the free version in the following ways:

  • No advertising

  • Integrated, higher image quality help movies

  • No support for GIF clipart  (JPEG, PNG only)

  • No support for eBay auctions

You may download a 30 day evaluation of PixMatrix 1.5 here.  If you find that it fits your needs, e-mail me for a license key and payment instructions.  Please understand that I do not offer technical support for PixMatrix 1.5, You should make sure  it works for you before purchasing.

James Krewson - Creator of PixMatrix

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