Photo Album Software Information
PixMatrix is now free. Click here to download.

Most ISPs provide free web space for their subscribers-- are you taking advantage of yours? With PixMatrix you can create an online photo album  to showcase anything, ask for help when trying to identify difficult hobby items, share pictures from past gatherings or organize future events... in minutes.

PixMatrix is designed to handle digital photos quickly and easily, but it is more than just photo album software.  This software gives you the full power of an HTML authoring tool and the ability to customize web pages to suite your needs. No other web photo album software comes close to the PixMatrix feature set! 

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Online Photo Albums


Web Pages


Online Auction Ads

Create photo album pages featuring your hobby then share them with others.  Use the online photo album pages to organize hobby-related activities and communicate with others who have the same interests. Click here to learn more.
Design auction ads featuring personalized web pages containing your digital pictures. Use your free web space for image hosting. The PixMatrix auction utility makes ad extraction quick and easy. Click here for an auction demo.
Create an online photo gallery for your office parties, school or club functions, team events, and family gatherings or anytime you want to share your digital pictures with others. 
Save time by easily creating a fast downloading, professional quality web page with scores of pictures in minutes.
Prevent frustration when e-mailing others large numbers of digital pictures and needlessly tying up their system.  Allow your recipients to choose the download time by using PixMatrix to create a web page and e-mailing the address instead.
Highlight your organization on the Internet by building a web site that acts as your digital 'business card'.
Get creative and use PixMatrix to construct your own unique web site.


Extensive online help and movie tutorials to get you started in a flash!

Intuitive user interface steps you through the process of publishing a web page.

WYSIWYG photo album editor requires no HTML knowledge to use- what you see is what you get.

  WYSIWYG photo album editor

Automatic digital picture  insertion allows you to insert 100's of photos into your web page at once.

Easy batch picture manipulation controls allow you to scale, rotate, adjust brightness, and alter picture compression on all or a few of your photos within the context of your HTML page.

batch image manipulation

269 ready-to-use templates customizable with infinite combinations of clipart, background images and user defined colors.  Click here to browse templates.

15 ready-to-use Java animated templates. Click here to see the animations in action!

Spell checker to ensure you do not post a page with embarrassing spelling errors.

Built in file transfer mechanism (FTP) to allow you to manage your pages and digital pictures on your web server.

Manages the location of server pages and digital pictures so that you do not have to remember where they are located.

Built in support for extracting online auction descriptions and photo links for gallery images.

auction ad creation

Automatically creates and manages thumbnail images for you.


269 original templates that are ready to go: change the background, add clip art, modify text styles and colors to create a unique web page that meets your needs.
571 unique background and clipart images
Eight help movies to introduce you to PixMatrix concepts. 
English version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0. (IE 6.0 required by PixMatrix)

Click here to download PixMatrix.


Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000 (sp 1)/XP
64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)
250 MB of free hard disk space
300 MHz or faster CPU
800x600 display resolution
16 bit (65,536) color
CD-ROM drive
Windows compatible sound device
Web space with FTP access: View a partial list of supported ISP's